Allocentrotus fragilis

Allocentrotus fragilis, the fragile sea urchin, lives on the sea floor at depths from 300 to 1600 ft. While Allocentrotus has long been the accepted name used for this species in the family Strongylocentrotidae, a more appropriate name might be Strongylocentrotus fragilis (Jackson, 1912). Indeed, the molecular evidence fully supports this change of name (Kober and Bernardi BMC Evolutionary Biology 2013, 13:88).

A low coverage sequence of this species was accomplished by the Baylor College of Medicine, Human Genome Sequencing Center under the NCBI project number PRJNA20317. The Roche 454 reads are available from the NCBI Short Read Archive SRS 000248. These sequences have been mapped to the S. purpuratus genome assembly and are available as a track on GBrowse.