Patiria miniata

About P.miniata

Patiria miniata (Brandt, 1835) is commonly called the Bat star. It ranges from Sitka, Alaska to Baja, California. Its habitat is the low rocky intertidal and in the subtidal to 290m. P. miniata reproduces by broadcast spawning. Gravid individuals can be found throughout the year in California.


From this web site you can access the contigs assembled from a series of Patiria miniata transcriptome sequencing runs. These sequences from 454 XLR sequencing of P. miniata single-direction libraries were submitted to the NCBI Nucleotide Sequence Database on August 4, 2010by the Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department, of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030, USA. The accession numbers are HP081117-HP139664. The assembly was made from reads in the Sequence Read Archive: under projects: SRX021529, SRX021530 and SRX021531. From these projects a total of 700 million reads were collected. About 58,000 individual contigs were derived.

Sequence and Scaffold statistics
Assembly Type Number N50(kb) Bases+Gaps(Mb) Bases(Mb)
Pmin v2.0 Scaffolds 57,698 76 1000 900
Pmin v2.0 Contigs 131,779 18 990 900
Pmin v1.0 Scaffolds 60,183 52 811 770
Pmin v1.0 Contigs 179,756 9.5 770 770