Patiria miniata Sequences
Genome sequence (V2.0) Scaffolds
Genome sequence (V2.0) Contigs
PMI Genes sequences V2.0
PMI Protein sequences V2.0
Genome sequence (V1.0) Scaffolds: Genbank genome sequences(i.e. only multi-contig scaffolds)
Genome sequence (V1.0) Scaffolds: Complete genome sequences(i.e. multi-contig + single-contig scaffolds)
Genome sequence (V1.0) Contigs
Patiria miniata Genes (V1.0)
Patiria miniata Proteins (V1.0)
gff3 files
gff3 file for 2.0 assembly
gff3 file for 1.0 assembly
The text files to build our annotation database for search function
Gene annotation database V2.0
Gene annotation database V1.0