ID: SPU_022817
    Common Name: Sp-Alx1_1
    Synonyms: aristaless-like homeobox 1-like, Cart1/Alx3/Alx4 subfamily-like
    Family Member: homeobox
    Gene Model Check by: manual annotation
    Additional Evidence:
  • QPCR
  • PCR (5'RACE)
  • Library screens
  • Microarray hybridization
  • Whole mount in situ hybridization
    Ortholog/Homolog:  Not determined
Genomic Location
    Not Available
Functional Category
    Class Sub-Class Annotation Type
    TranscriptionFactor TranscriptionFactor_Homeo electronic annotation
Gene Ontology
Biological process
  • regulation of transcription, DNA-templated (GO:0006355)
  • (IEA)

    Molecular Function
  • DNA binding (GO:0003677)
  • (IEA)
  • sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factoractivity (GO:0003700)
  • (IEA)
  • sequence-specific DNA binding (GO:0043565)
  • (IEA)

      Gene Model Evidence CDS Exons Peptide All Sequences
      SPU_022817.1 (1) GLEAN prediction 669bp N/A 222aa display

      SPU_022817.2 (2) GLEAN prediction N/A 669bp N/A display

      SPU_022817.3a (3) RNAseq Transcriptome (WHL22.731056) N/A 5070bp 430aa display

      SPU_022817.3b (4) RNAseq Transcriptome (WHL22.731056) N/A 5169bp 454aa display

      +  Footnotes
      Strongylocentrotus purpuratus Genome Browser

      QPCR Primers 1 (Reference: 20181745)

        Forward: Spakx1 5'-CACCCGTAGAGGGCGCTATA-3'
        Reverse: Spakx1 5'-CACCCGTAGAGGGCGCTATA-3'

      QPCR Primers 2 (Reference: 26400092)

        Forward: Alx1 5'-CACCCGTAGAGGGCGCTATG-3'
        Reverse: Alx1 5'-TGCTGGAGTCTTGCGATTCG-3'

      Translation Block Morpholino 1 (Reference: 24496631)


      Translation Block Morpholino 2 (Reference: 26400092)


      Translation Block Morpholino 3 (Reference: 26400092)


        This model has been integrated into SPU_025302, Sp-Alx1.
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