EchinoBase navigation guide


What are the main sections of the echinobase website?
  • Home page of echinobase
  • You can get more information on echinobase and echinoderm sequencing projects at About us and Participants sections
  • Species section under primary navigation bar, which has information, methods and material, tools such as blast, genome and transcriptome search, genome browser, literature search and data download for echinobase species. The information here is organized by species
  • Tools section which is alternate entry point to access tools such as blast, genome and transcriptome search, genome browser, literature search and data download. The information here is organized by tool type
  • "How to" is a guide and has information on various sequenced genome assemblies, using tools and resources in general
  • The footer section has latest publications which are updated every 24 hours, Events links to our news letters from past releases and information on any upcoming community events and user guide on using various genome tools site
  • You can also search for a specific term using the search bar on top corner of the homepage
What are the Species sections?

The Species sections of the site are About Species, Methods and Material, NCBI Blast(finds regions of local similarity between sequences), Gene search(which provides general information, location on genome,gene expression, Functional category,gene ontology, sequences both nucleotide and proteins, reagents and pubmed reference for gene of interest), Transctiptome Search, Genome Browser(which gives position of gene and other genome features) , Literature search and Download.

What is available in the tools section?

The tools section provides immediate access to five popular genome tools: NCBI Blast, Gene search(in house developed tool), Transcriptome search(in house developed tool), Genome Browser(JBrowse), Literature search(textpresso) and Downloads for genome and various associated features.

How can you return to the home page from other pages in the main site?

In order to return to the home page from any page on the main site, simply click on the "EchinoBase" logo on the top left of the sub-page.

Is it possible to provide feedback on the website?

Any feedback that you have on the site will be greatly appreciated. It is through such feedback that we will be able to ensure the success of EchinoBase.

How can I provide feedback or ask for assistance?

You can provide feedback or ask for assistance by using the "Web page contact" form that is in the primary menu on the home page.